Yabulu Trading Post

Specialising in Native American Crafts & Jewelry and Model Railway Collectibles

Yabulu Trading Post Pty., Limited

Yabulu Trading Post Pty., Limited was incorporated in July 2009 and is the corporate owner of Native American Originals and Model Railway Collectibles. The name is based on the United States South-western American concept of a store that sells anything and everything to everybody!

In time we expect to introduce new products under the Yabulu Trading Post banner.

Where is Yabulu?

Yabulu is 25 km west of central Townsville in North Queensland, Australia. Yabulu takes its name from the railway station (which unfortunately is no more) on the North Coast Line and according to the Nomenclature of Railway Stations, Yabulu is Aboriginal for “grass”. The discovery in the 1970's of nickel laterite at Greenvale, 200 km west of Townsville, led to the building of a railway to transport ore to a newly-built nickel refinery at Yabulu. Greenvale ore supplied the refinery from 1974 until 1993, when imports completely replaced the local ore. The refinery, run by Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel Industries has a 24-hour/7 days a week operation and a workforce of up to 800 people. Around a dozen trains per day make the journey from the Port of Townville to the Nickel Refinery. Loads in  — empties out!