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Native American Original Hand Crafted 3 Coil Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Price in AUD: $175.00

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Hand crafted on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Original price of $195 reduced by $20 to AUD $175 (US $125) for a limited time only.

Includes "Certificate of Authenticity" that the work is guaranteed Naive American original design and craftsmanship. Signed by the artist (Artist Census No. 604802).

Native Americans were first taught to work in silver by Mexican silversmiths during the mid-nineteenth century but learned the stamping of Indian ornaments from Mexican leather workers, rather than from the silversmiths who had taught them. The Navajo initially made silver Jewellery for themselves or for other Indians. After 1900, they began to create Jewellery for sale as well. The availability of turquoise and silver, together with better silver working tools, enabled craftsmen to supply the growing market among Indian traders and tourists who were arriving in droves by railroad to visit the Southwest.